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CalSAC Trainer Network presents the Training of Trainer Institute

October 20-22, 2016


The CalSAC Trainer Network is a professional development and training project serving the out-of-school time field across California. The goal of the network is to build the training and facilitation skills of leaders in the field, provide high-quality training to program staff, volunteers and administrators working in a variety of programs across California, and deepen the capacity of the out-of-school time field to support social-emotional learning/character development.


Promote quality and intentionality by directly supporting OST and expanded learning programs in your community through free and low-cost trainings!


Hosted by the California School-Age Consortium, the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, and Expanded Learning 360/365, the institute will focus on and provide:


  • Exclusive leadership opportunities
  • Access to 60+ training modules
  • Deepening skills and knowledge in training and facilitation
  • Joining a statewide network of OST professionals

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For more information, contact Selena Levy at or 510-444-4622 x108


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