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  • Overview of Open Badges


    What is a Digital Badge? A digital badge is an online representation of a skill you’ve earned. Open Badges take that concept one step further, and allows you to verify your skills, interests and achievements through credible organizations. And because the system is based on an open standard, you can combine multiple badges from different issuers to tell the complete story of your achievements — both online and off. Display your badges wherever you want them on the web, and share them for employment, education or lifelong learning.

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  • Working Groups @ Badge Alliance


    What are Working Groups? Working Groups are action-oriented teams of volunteers working together to expand the open badges ecosystem and infrastructure for documenting and credentialing learning. Working group members meet regularly (typically biweekly by phone, Skype, or Google Hangout) to achieve community-defined goals, develop and test hypotheses and working plans, take and review notes, and generate collective action. Groups operate on six month cycles, strive for broad representation across the globe, and are one of the primary means by which open badges ecosystem work is advanced.

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  • A Research-y Look at Different Types of Badges, from Inidana University


    After reviewing all the credentialing practices of all the projects the following cross-cutting design principles have emerged. Each principle is explained along with categories within the principles (when available). Click on a project name to see the specific use of the principles in a given project. Principles are ordered by most to least prevalent throughout the projects

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