Mission & Purpose

  • Mission


    The mission of the Center for Digital Badges is to ensure that afterschool and summer youth initiatives and programs (ASPs) have the capacity to recognize learning by youth and adults where it happens.

  • Purpose


    If ASPs, such as those found in afterschool initiatives and community-based organizations, are to prosper, they must be recognized as important places of learning. A growing number of programs and ASP systems are using digital badges to acknowledge the learning and capacity building by their youth participants and adult staff. However, finding information on resources and best practices is very difficult. To address this problem, Temescal Associates launched a Center for Digital Badges (CDB).


    The CBD is designed to:

    • Advocate for the use of digital badges;

    • Promote state and local policies and guidelines that are supportive of digital badges;

    • Promote the recognition of others that digital badges are valuable evidence of learning;

    • Serve as a clearinghouse to offer the most up-to-date information on best practices, and where they are being applied;

    • Direct services to ASPs and trainers wishing to issue digital badges; and

    • Contribute to national and global discussions on digital badges by participating in digital badge summits and working groups.